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We are the company to contact for repairs, maintenance, new installations and sales, and all other services that may be needed for glass garage doors in Pickering, Ontario.

Such a piece of information will likely be music to the ears of those who already have a glass garage door in their Pickering home. That’s because anything you may need, from glass garage door repair to replacement, you can simply reach out to us and get it.

It’s also great news for those homeowners who have decided to get new glass garage doors. We don’t only provide amazing choices but also skilled installers. You just need to put your trust in the hands of our expert team here at Pickering Garage Door Repair.

New glass garage doors, Pickering installations

Assuming you want glass garage doors for Pickering installations, our company is ready to serve. Tell us about it. Let our team send a tech to your home to measure the garage, discover your specific needs, and provide an estimate. This way, you will know the cost of the glass garage door installation and learn more about the process and the choices.

Speaking of choices, glass doors are fantastic and spectacular but they are not all the same. Be sure that they are made of safety glass, for everyone’s peace of mind. They are usually combined with an aluminum frame, in various designs and colors. The glass panel opacity differs. The panels may be made of milk glass. Or, laminated glass. Or, clear glass for a full view. The glass garage door design choices are plenty and the overall style is tailored to your taste and preferences.

There are standard double and single glass garage door sizes. If no size is a good fit for your garage, there’s always the choice of custom-made glass garage doors. Should we talk about all that? Should we first send a pro to measure and offer an estimate? Contact us. Choose our team, aware that we provide quality glass garage doors and expert installers.

Choose us for all glass garage door services, from repairs to replacements

Choose our team for glass garage door service too. Why shouldn’t you now that you know that our team is available for complete services and has the experience to serve above all expectations? Tell us how fast you need service and a local technician will be there.

You can count on our team for all services, from quick fixes and emergency repairs to upgrades, replacements, and installations. Don’t think about it too much. If there’s anything that you want or need for glass garage doors, Pickering’s most experienced team is ready to take over. Talk with us.